Welcome to the marvelous world of Somewhere. If you are not familiar with the comics, then you are in the right place.

The Tales are taking place in a fantasy world of Somewhere. These stories were born during many sessions of a DnD like tabletop role playing game, and after a lot of years I’ve decided to create comics from them.

As you can see, there are multiple choices. If you wish to begin with the real beginning, I recommend to start with The Legend. This is the oldest and the longest comic here. But beware, don’t be surprised or disappointed, when reading the first page of it. As I said, it is the oldest one, so the quality of the drawing and the story in the early pages is a bit (a lot) different from the newest ones. This was the first thing I ever made in the comic world and this journey began many years ago. A lot of things changed, there were a lot of breaks, a long one too, but this story was always close to my heart.

You can also begin with the newer comic, The Secret, if you did not like The Legend, or you did and want to see everything. When I had a break with the old comic, I began to experiment some new things and that is how this tale was born. It is a different story, so the old comic is not a prerequisite to know what is happening.

You can find additional art, mini comics, fan-arts in the Extras page.

So the choice is up to you, Dear Reader. I hope that you will enjoy your stay.