Here you can find the ones, who are supporting the world of Somewhere.
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Ambassadors of the Great Chicken God

Members of the mighty ambassadors, the ones who are favored by Gallitus and can influence the world through Gallitus itself. 

We didn’t found the ambassadors yet.

Faithful servants of Gallitus

Members of the highly respected and glorious servants of the chicken god itself.

There isn’t any servants of Gallitus yet.

Army of the Chicken God

Members of the mighty army of Gallitus, the Chicken God.

The army of the Chicken God is still waiting for volunteers.

Cult of Gallitus

Honored members of the cult who praise the great Chicken god, Gallitus.

♦ Jessica ♦

♦ Dániel Kolozsvári ♦

Feeders of the chickens

List of the generous and noble ones. Chickens are praising their kindness.

No one is feeding the chickens currently.