I think I’ve never used the painting technique to make a full page for my comics. I always wanted to have a lineart somewhere on that page. Now it is different.
I usually paint the background like this, and basically this page is just a big background with a big bada boom.
Yeah, we nuked that beast.

Anyways, fortunately I have the power to be productive again, so I hope I can make my stuff on the regular pace 🙂
However, the pages of The Secret will be still made in secret, until the current chapter of this comic ends, which is near. They are still produced bi-weekly, I don’t wanna rush anything.

You can have some sneak peeks and stuff on my Discord server, if you wish to have some happy discussion with my wonderful personality outside of this comment section. Sometimes I am taking to myself, or to the other happy few people, who are there. Expect my heartly welcome, if you ever join.
I still have my Patreon page. If you become my patron you can also check out the currently revamped pages of The Secret, and everything that I am working on before they get released.
Oh and you could give me early feedback, thus influencing the comics a little bit more.

Oh#2, and I am improving my equipment again, so I hope that it will give me a little boost of motivation again.

Oh#3, if you would leave a reaction down there in the comment section, I would be so happy. Those things are giving me a small amount of motivation boost every time someone push those buttons. You don’t have to have an account, or log in to do that 🙂

Thanks for reading by the way, you are truly wonderful 🙂