This is the first time since they went to that feast that we can see the sky. And the sun is shining above the dark clouds.

I just realized that 90% of this chapter is taking place in the dark. Fear not, it soon will be over… with a glorious light.

And yeah, if you would ask “What the f*ck is this sh*t?! Fantasy comic with a nuclear bomb?” I reminding you that this comic is telling the story of our tabletop RPG party (It wasn’t DnD, but something that had similar rules and stuff, just made by Hungarians… and it was cool). And yeah, somehow we managed to launch a nuke to a Lovecraftian beast. Even if we didn’t know that it was a nuke, and we didn’t know anything about Mr. Lovecraft at that time. We persuaded the DM successfully to be able to do that… with a great cost of course. He was still cruel to us. In return we were cheating all the time to survive.