A lot of things were ongoing at the same time, so I am happy that I could finish this page 🙂

I’ve created a character design for the DeviantArt’s character design challenge. It was fun to make, but in the end it seems was just a waste of my energy. You can check it under Extras, if you want to see it amongst the other artworks as well.

Speaking of other artworks. I’ve began to make my daily face sketch challenge in this month and I am posting those images to everywhere, you can find them also in that Extras page. I think this year I make much better face sketches than last year. Seems that I’ve improved a lot. At least I could notice it 😀

Since this coronavirus thing is ongoing I can spend a lot of time at home doing my drawings, which is at least some good news in the perspective of the comics. However, the whole thing is bad of course. Just, we should not lose our heads.

Stay safe and calm.