I am still trying to build up a buffer for these comics. It is hard to do, since I am always finding out more stuff that distracts me.

I was just thinking about my old estimations while I was drawing this page. Several months ago I was calculating how much time would it take for this comic’s story to reach this point. And basically I guessed it almost right. The story is progressing slowly, but on the maximal speed I could do currently, which is nice. I am not talking now about burnout or demotivation, just the plain truth. Anyways more content to come, and I can’t wait to reach the next crucial point of this comic 😀

I am also thinking about making a rambling video on YouTube about being an undetected, not very public webcomics artist and how to deal with the small exposure and few readers. Since I was doing this thing for a long time now, maybe it could be a motivation for other people, who would like to create comics, but they are on the edge of terminal demotivation. Also it could be the first time I ever show my silly voice publicly. That is what I am afraid of. But maybe it won’t be that bad. We’ll see.