I thought that I could be more productive these times, but unfortunately I have not that much power that I was expecting to have.
Or maybe I am just distracting myself with other things again? Let’s see 😀

For example for a week I was trying to create a working Discord bot for my server to be able to play some RPG with some created characters there, and it was fun to develop such thing. However in the end I found out that there is already one, which could be used to even play D&D, so it was a little bit disappointing that I was producing waste. But hey, at least I practiced something 🙂

I am still making my random quick paintings, and other paintings which are not so comics. They are fun to do, but again, it is not the continuitation of these comics.

I just thought about it that basically, I am currently doing some world building stuff and just simply making some non-comical content for the realm of Somewhere. Yeah, that could be the case here. All of the content I make is from this world after all.

I shall keep doing everything and trying to keep post updates for these comics weekly as I’ve promised. Sometimes I will have to skip an update for a particular week, but I think it should be mostly all right. I am not making an important comic that thousands of people can’t wait to see a new page. But I appreciate the few of those kind people, who do, and that’s what keeps me going. I just wanna say that you have to understand that I am just a mere human being, who cannot clone himself to satisfy all the things I want.

So tl;dr: The work on the comics is slow, but steady. Weekly updates can be unstable, you can expect delays. Don’t wanna lower the quality in favor of speed. I am still a human being.