It finally happened. Yeah there are tits and butt. Deal with it. This comic is not for small children.
The only thing that matters is that my characters are finally feeling exceptionally good. And I am happy about it 🙂

Did some practice by the way to be able to draw the bodies, and in the beginning it was very awkward.
I am still far from perfect regarding the anatomy. I hope that when the revamp will reach this page, I can fix the happy little mistakes.
But currently I am satisfied with the results.

Anyways, there is only one page left from this chapter. So it will be over soon. After that page, this comic will go to rest a little bit. I think until I finish the current chapter of The Legend, which is not far away. So I think it will be about a month or two.
Do not worry, I will create pages for this comic, just won’t show it to you. Not that I want to keep them myself, or something, I will just refine them until the time comes. If you wanna see them before that… well, be my Patron and you can see everything. I usually share WIP pictures from the upcoming pages and you can see the currently completed revamp pages as well. Aaand you can also comment on them if they feel off. Oooh boy, how happy would I be if someone could give me early feedback of my pages. I could improve much more in time.

Oh and by the way, thanks for reading 🙂