We are not far away from the end of this chapter. And by the way both of these comics are approaching to the end of their current chapter,
which is a lucky coincidence. I plan to have a little break when this happens.
Or, I would not call it a break, rather a preparation for the upcoming pages and chapters 😀
Meanwhile I’ll do some artwork and some little stuff here and there, and you will be still able to reach some insider stuff in the Discord channel.
The server needs some filling. I plan again to talk to myself a little bit share some conversation happening between my characters. If you are following their retarded communication, you could get some information which is not shown in the comics.

These last two weekends were a little bit busy for me, that means I could not do much with my comics.
Luckily I had a little buffer, so this update could be made in time 🙂
However, the next one will be a little bit tricky, because now my buffer is rather empty, but I hope I can manage it.