Finally it happened!

Since they’ve began to travel together, I already knew, that they will have a kiss later. I was waiting patiently for this moment 🙂
The best thing is that somehow I managed to create this page just around Valentine’s day, which is awesome, and was completely unintentional.
Howewer, I’ve realized this after I scheduled the next page of The Legend to this day. So in the end I’ve decided to postpone that update of The Legend to the next week.

I improved my trusty “potato” brush a little bit, so now it is the “ultimate potato brush”. You can see the work of it in the backgrounds. Yeah, I know that they are simple, but I wanted the characters to be the “heroes” of this page, not the background. I hope it fits well and it is understandable.

If you wanna talk or see more about my techniques and characters and stuff, you can check the Discord server and say hi. I (or Morten) will give you a warm welcome there.