Morten is a warrior from the northern part of this realm. Nothing is certain about his past, only Worhan, the wizard knows the truth of his history. He is fighting only if there is a good reason for it, mostly to save his or his friends’ life. He is aware that he is a playing character and he had put many points to his luck, in hope of using it to avoid the Dungeon Master’s wrath.

  • Age: 32
  • Profession: Swords, Stupidity
  • Unique Skills: Combat Biting, Ventriloquism, Cheating

Nandiel is the only wizard of his family, which has many shady secrets. He miraculously became Morten’s companion and while their relationship is mostly sinking, he is a loyal friend of him and doesn’t hesitate to save his life. He is aware that he is a playing character. Always forcing to keep the rules to please the Dungeon Master.

  • Age: 286
  • Profession: Lightning Magic, Mind Control, [Redacted]
  • Unique Skills: Annoying Personality

Brem Ghdin is a dwarf from the Great Mountains. He was once a war engineer, who was responsible for creating many devastating weapons. He retired to became a priest, fighting for peace with less than more success. He is aware that he is a playing character. The Dungeon Master is picking on him for unknown reasons.

  • Age: 380
  • Profession: Healing, Smithing, Engineering
  • Unique Skills: Silence, Passive Agression

Ghilrond is one of the guardians of his realm. He banished himself to solitude into the eastern part of his world to escape his sorrows and to serve his master, Fandrulin.

  • Age: 2328
  • Profession: Archery
  • Unique skills: Transforming into [Redacted]

Lyrineth is a thief trying to get wealthy in the eastern cities. Despite of being a thief, she tries to be decent and good, sometimes risking her safety to bring justice into this world. Her life was chaotic until she met Ghilrond, who brought change to her world.

  • Age: 26
  • Professions: Stealing, Potions and herbs
  • Unique Skills: Excessive Bullshitting

Zilfridda is [Redacted]

  • Age: [Redacted]
  • Professions: [Redacted]
  • Unique Skills: [Redacted]