Hi there!

I’m glad that You are here, because it is so lonely here. Nobody cares about me. Nobody cares about the poor About. But now I think you made me a little bit happy, so I will tell you about something. About something from somewhere. Just about now and here.

A long time ago a tale teller found out that he wants to make comics, sketches, and stuff like that about his miserable tales. (That’s why I’m here, because he made me too. What a disaster.) He decided to make a website, to publish these stories, so everyone can see them. He is not a professional artist, nor a good painter. He is just a man without a mustache, but he loves his job and I think that’s enough. If he would not be that lazy, the images would come very often, but now they pop out randomly in every week or two weeks on Sundays.

You can see that there is more than one comic. There are big ones, and random, little ones. The oldest one is “The Legend”, which was the first, what my creator created about sometime and somewhere. After that he took a break and experimented new things. Thus “The Secret” was born, and now you can read these two comics, and the “Random Stuff” which contains…random…stuff. You can decide it, if they are good or not, I think he does not take his work seriously. Nor himself.

So I hope you won’t regret that you found this page and me.

Thanks for reading, and for making me happy,

The Poor About from Somewhere