In short: a lot of various, magical, beautiful and ugly thing.
These lands not belong to a country or to anyone, it is a whole new world. A big, living and cruel fantasy realm. It is created by the Great Creator with the influence of his master and friend, the Great Storyteller, who had many names, as DM, Dungeon Master, Daemon Maker, Dumb Muck and Dick Monster.

somewhere-in-the-lands-of-somewhereOur Creator is a friendly and good man. That is why he tried to create a happy, colorful and friendly world, where everybody has plenty of food and there is no war. He created the cities and villages, dreamed about the mountains and forests. Planned great adventures with good characters and discoveries with beer…in the taverns…and outside too. A lot of fun and lame jokes.

village-near-the-townBut the Great Storyteller had a different mind. A dark, cruel and sadistic mind, which infiltrated the great creation plans. That is why we have dark and merciless regions, diseases and newer ending wars too. There are creepy and horrific monsters with big fangs and ugly faces, psychopathic characters, who kill without reason and do ugly, bad things just for fun. And tell lame jokes.

We have these good and bad things, however there is a balance between them and it makes this lands livable enough. This balance is the playing characters, who are trying to make through this world by completing quests and trying to survive. Some of them are smart, some of them are dumb as hell, but they are our hope. You can follow these adventurers and see what they are doing in this world.

So this was a short description of our realm.

Best Regards,
The Question Answerer Jim, who likes to live in the lands of Somewhere