A silent, peaceful dwarf priest with anger issues

He was once a proud dwarf citizen in the belly of a high mountain. Sadly he could not stay there because of something bad that happened long time ago and was exiled from his former life. He tries to keep the details in secret. Found a new god to praise and joined to that religion because it worships peace and harmony. He went through a lot of things and in the end became a priest amongst the human race. After that he served a lot of years in various cities and churches, but even those days he could not leave his bad habitat: he can not control his anger and can be very grumpy. That is how he can get into prisons or uncomfortable situations, when nobody recognize him in a foreign city.

Before meeting Morten and Nandiel, he was relocated from his previous church and he arrived to the town a day before the great meeting. The local people was not so friendly with a dwarf and he did not introduce himself as a priest. A lot of teeth was falling out and there were some broken arms. A very unlucky coincidence. He does not like traveling with stupid, ever arguing people. The actual team seems to be an exception, because he thinks that his god gave them as a trial.

He likes to wear light clothes and wield a hammer or a mace. The helmet is optional. After many years of living under the ground he did acquire many fighting techniques with the blunt weapons. Now he rarely uses them, but when the time comes and it is necessary, he fights with furious anger and brutality. He usually uses holy spells but now his god forbids him that until he proves his worthiness. His beard is the most precious thing in the world, and he loves it very much. He is a dwarf after all, so it is not a surprise. Despite of his height he can handle a horse pretty well, that is because he spent a lot of time between the humans and other taller creatures.

The Dungeon Master does not like him very much, therefore he is always lack of XP. Especially when a little more is needed for leveling up. What is behind this? This knows only the DM and he does not wish to share with us. Despite his unluckiness he is eager to keep himself alive in this unfriendly lands.