An elf wizard with irritating personality and deadly magic spells.

He came from a wealthy and noble family, therefore he could learn wizardry from the greatest magicians of the world. However, it is not the magicians’ fault that he could not be a great and famous wizard. He always thinks that he is superior than the others, because he spent a lot of character points on the intelligence attribute. This is also true when he meets a person, who is more intelligent than he is. Despite of his age, sometimes he does not seem to be wiser than a childish, human adult.

He has a powerful magic staff, which can be transformed to other things, that has the same size as the original. Knows many magic spells, but he uses them only when it is necessary. He uses his intelligence and speaking skills to talk with his “friends” and enemies if he wants something to achieve. Morten is almost immune to his bullshit. Due to his irritating personality, he gets in trouble almost every time. Luckily he always gather companions, who help him eagerly in such cases.

Before meeting Brem and Morten, he traveled the foreign lands to gather knowledge about various magical things. It was a lucky coincidence that he shoved up in that little town. Never had a real adventure before, because nobody had enough patience to bear him for a long time. So he was a lonely wanderer, hiding his magical skills from the other people. You can never know how a magician will be welcomed in an unknown area.

His father, Deriquin was once a noble lord with high influence in the political life, but after losing elections and much more money, he abandoned his previous life. That is why he disappeared and Nandiel can rarely meet him. This seems to be the perfect state for them. His mother followed her husband.

He has some shady things too that he decided to keep in secret. He is not the lawful good person, but he desperately tries to keep the rules at any cost. This is a great pleasure for his companions.