A brave warrior with great soul and strength.

Wields a sword and uses his booth hands to fight with it. Also he likes to use other fighting techniques, for example biting off noses or ears, using his head to pummel enemies or using a tankard for beating. Likes the big, full plate armor, but he never had enough money to buy one for himself, so he only wears a breastplate or something simply, but comfy. He hates archers, but only when they are hostile and shooting at him.

In the beginning of his career he managed to kill many zombies with his brethren. This creatures are his favorite ones, because they are mostly slow and dumb. Therefore it is not necessary to have special weapon skills for fighting them, just attention has to be payed for the position and the stamina. Although these days are long over, he always searches the opportunity to fight with those ugly and funny bastards for free XP and for fun.

He had many adventures before meeting Nandiel and Brem. The most dangerous was the one to the Cursed Land with high mortality rate. In that time his mentor was Saih, the weapon-master, who taught him the proper use of the swords. Also he tried to teach him the blind fighting techniques too, but before finishing that, he died. That adventure drove Morten to madness, so that is why he does not want to go back there. The madness was cured, but it was a long-long recovery. During this time he earned money as a sellsword, helped out other adventurers, sadly not much of them are still alive.

He spent a lot of skill points for learning skills, which are seems to be unusable for an ordinary man. Of course these and great luck helped him a lot to survive in the past years. He’s got a special skill, which helps him to find a tavern nearby in any town or city. Usually he can not stay in a tavern for a long time, because the locals can not tolerate his peaceful intentions and they are trying to play with his patience, so he has to travel all the time and visit new locations. Horses are not his favourite animals, because they hate him and they behaviouring very strange in his presence. However, if it is necessary to have a horse for a long journey, he can make an exception.

There are not much information about his origins, the only thing we know that he was raised as a cook. Maybe his parents’ plan was not a success.